Energy Book

Turning Point In History is a book that explores the subjects of energy and transportation, and how they effect our lives, our economy, our politics, and our future. Energy and Transportation, because it is a major energy consumer, are the central issues of our time. It is imperative for the preservation of some semblance of our lifestyle, that we understand this issue.

Turning Point in History is available for download from this website as a full-color PDF.

“… our window of opportunity is slowly closing… at the same time, it probably requires a spiral of adversity. In other words, things have to get worse before they can get better. The most important thing is to get a clear picture of the situation we’re in, and the outlook for the future–exhaustion of oil and gas, that kind of thing… and an appraisal of where we are and what the time
scale is. And the time scale is not centuries, it’s decades.”

Marion King Hubbert 1988
One year before he passed away.


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