Al Lococo is the author of “Turning Point In History”, an exploration into the subject of Energy and Transportation and how they affect our lives, our economy, our politics and our future. I am not an expert. I am no more qualified to profess an opinion than any other citizen voter. However, as a citizen and voter, I feel obligated to be informed.

Energy and, because it is a major energy consumer, Transportation are the central issues of our time. It is imperative for the preservation of some semblance of our lifestyle that we understand this issue. I present here a layman’s view of the issues for the edification of others like myself. To the experts, you have my apology.

The information, experiences and opinions expressed here on this web site are produced by Al Lococo.

Lococo converted his first Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) in September of 1979 in response to the fuel crisis at the time. In response to the current crisis, he has converted his second award winning BEV appearing in issue 12 of “Intersection”, the London based International magazine.

Lococo has no product for sale and seeks no monetary contributions or reimbursement for his efforts. His goal is to provide detailed information on all aspects of the subjects of Energy, Transportation,Electric vehicles, High Speed Rail and related topics, in a form that can be put to use by those so inclined.

It is intended that tis web site be as exhaustive as possible in presenting every aspect of the current energy crisis and its impact on the economy, national security, the war and the environment.

Lococo is Secretary of the Central Florida Electric Vehicle Association (CFEVA). The information, experiences and opinions presented on his web site are his and his responsibility only. Although you will find links to other organizations and institutions, they do not endorse his web site and are in no way affiliated.

Lococo is a retired Computer Operating Systems software Designer. Most of his career was spent writing specifications for large computing systems software. He is also a Advanced class Amateur radio operator licensed by the FCC. He is not a mechanic or an engineer.



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