You’ll love your used electric car. Here’s why.

things youll never

Things you’ll never say to a mechanic about that four year old electric car you just purchased.
• She won’t turn over.
• She turns over but she won’t start.

• The clutch is slipping.

• When the transmission shifts it makes a loud clunking sound.
• She’s running rough.

• Can you turn down the idle?


• She won’t shift into third.

• She’s only getting 10 miles per gallon.

• I hear this knocking when I’m climbing hills.

• Do I have to use high test?

• The alternator light won’t go off.

• My tail pipe is dragging on the ground.

• She hesitates when I press hard on the gas.

• I need an oil change.

• How much will it cost to replace my leaking valve cover gaskets?

Things your mechanic will never say to you about that four year old electric car you just purchased.
• How long is it since you changed your air filter?

• Some teeth are broken on your flywheel.

• I thought it was the purge valve, but it turns out, it was the mass air flow sensor.

• I had to replace the fuel pump.

• Now she’s purring like a kitten.

• Your carburetor is gummed up.
• Your fuel injectors need cleaning.
• There’s radiator coolant in your oil.

• You blew your head gasket.

• The block is cracked.

• Your exhaust manifold is cracked.

• The water pump is leaking.

• You need to have your timing belt replaced.

• Your serpintine fan belt is worn.

• We have to replace your exhaust gas recirculation valve.

• You need a new automatic transmission


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